It was originally designed as a language that is easy to learn supporting Rapid Application Development. But as of 2024, it has become a prominent language for AI, Computer Networks and Internet Protocol. It is a set of ready to use libraries. It was widespread use in Artificial Intelligence and Networks that made Python popular. It is a very good language for writing quick workable code. An online and free edition of Python is already available on Many Linux installation already come with preinstalled and latest version of Python. For example, Fedora Linux. It can be further extended to Python Network Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms in Python and Python database connectivity. Theoretically, Python is an interpreted language, but Microsoft implementation offers compiler and interpreter simultaneously.


As of now, the latest edition of Python can support 308 digits. It is expected to increase in upcoming versions. Python can handle any kind of mathematical stuff. For example, calculus, log, trigonometry, cryptography and much more